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HTML bdo tag

What is html bdo tag? bdo tag definition Bdo stands for Bi-Directional Override in html language. Html bdo tag is supported in all major browsers like Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer (IE), Opera and Google Chrome. Usage of HTML <bdo> tag The html bdo tag is used to override the text direction in an html document.… Read More

Html lists | List tags in Html5

How to use Html list tags? There are three list elements or tags in HTML language. There list tags are used to display lists in HTML. How the lists are shown in HTML can be modified with the help of CSS. Here is the code for HTML list tags. HTML Code Example <!DOCTYPE html> <html… Read More

HTML Quotes | Html Quotation Marks

What are the HTML quotes? How to use the HTML quotes? Html quotes are used to present data in quotes. They are of different kinds in different languages and by default they are treated differently in various browsers. To use the quotes properly and efficiently you have to use CSS. In the code below we… Read More

Heading Tags in HTML5

How many heading tags are in HTML? Heading tags are used for displaying the text as a heading in HTML. The style of the tag can be changed with the help of CSS. The heading tags are block level tags. They can contain other block level and inline tags as well. There are six (6)… Read More

Mark Element in HTML5 | Mark Tags

What is the mark tag in html? The mark element or mark tag (<mark></mark>) is used to mark or highlight text in an HTML document. It works like as you highlight text in text editors. Mark tag or mark element (<mark></mark>) is an inline tag. Its styles can be changed with the help of CSS… Read More

Phrase Elements HTML5 | Phrase Tags

Phrase Elements or Phrase Tags Definition | Why We Use Phrase Tags? The tags <em>, <strong>, <dfn>, <code>, <samp>, <kbd>, and <var> are called phrase tags or phrase elements in HTML. Phrase elements are designed to markup parts of text according to their usage. So the browser will be able to render them a particular… Read More