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Php tags | Tags used for PHP

Php is a server side language. It runs on a server. But how we can use the PHP code in our pages is a question for a PHP learner. If you want to run PHP on your local machine you have to install XAMP server package, MAMP server or WAMP server on your local machine.… Read More

How to Install WAMP Server | WAMP server Windows 7


What is WAMP Server? WAMP server is a development package very much like the XAMPP development package. It has a complete development package for PHP developers. It is widely used development package now a days. It is specially developed for Windows platform. What WAMP stands for? WAMP stands for W for windows, A for apache,… Read More

Why to learn PHP | Why to Use Php

If you are a web developer and you want to develop a website that sells your products online. So it requires some tools to be made functional as you want. First of all you should have a web server to put your website on it. Then there should be and Operating systems to run the… Read More

JavaScript Dynamic Event Handler

Similar Searches for the Post could be: JavaScript Dynamically Add Event Handler Dynamically Handling the Events in JavaScript As in the previous post we have learned how to register a simple event handler in JavaScript. We registered the event handler with the help of modern JavaScript event model and separated the JavaScript code for the… Read More

Image map in html | Map tag

Answer to all the statements below: Image map in html example Html clickable area image Html program for image mapping Image map in html coordinates Map tag coordinates How to map links on an image in HTML? In HTML we can define an image map. Html provides a way to map images using the map… Read More

Register Event Handler in JavaScript with Examples

These issues are also addressed in the post below: Javascript Get Registered Events Javascript Register Event Listener Javascript Add Event Listener to Element Javascript Add Event Listener with Parameter Here we are going to show you that how to register event handler in JavaScript language with an example. As you know that an event happens… Read More

Exception handling in JavaScript

Exception handling in JavaScript was introduced with all the capabilities of exception handling in C++ or Java when the IE version 1.4 was launched. The exception handling is not a new thing for the C++ or Java programmers. But exception handling in JavaScript is one of the new things in JavaScript language. What exception handling… Read More